preschool dance

Getting Ready to Take the Stage

How do we make sure your child’s Rive Oaks Dance experience is positive, stress-free and filled with memorable moments that will last them a lifetime? Getting the dancers ready to take the stage is a process. Little by little, we introduce skills and concepts they need to bing their dance class to life on the big stage. This month, River Oaks Dance dancers are exploring space, spatial awareness and pathways. Little do they know, but your littlest dancer is exploring early mathematical concepts like geometry as we play with how  

🌙 our bodies can make curved shapes

📏 our bodies can make straight shapes

👯‍♀️ we can be evenly spaced 

 🌀 we can travel in straight, wavy or zig zag pathways

Want to play along at home? Add a little excitement to teeth-brushing time by asking your child to walk to the bathroom in a straight, wavy line, or a zig zag line.

As we get closer to our recital we’re also learning about the stage and how we can move around it as dancers. It’s all part of the carefully considered planning that goes into making sure your child’s dance experiences are positive, stress-free and filled with memorable moments that will last a lifetime. 

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