Everyone Can Dance: Ballet for All Abilities

New inclusive dance classes at River Oaks Dance

Everyone can Dance is a program that integrates dance, music, and art for neurodivergent and students with disabilities. Our mission is to create an inclusive and fulfilling experience that allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of ballet, such as artistic expression, better posture, coordination, and the development of self-esteem and self-image.

Who is welcome?

💕 Students with disabilities

💕 Neurotypical students

💕 Neurodivergent students

💕 Volunteers 18+

Why should I enroll my child in “Everyone Can Dance”?

💕 Dance, approached scientifically, has been proven to enhance essential motor skills crucial in every child’s development

💕 For children within the autism spectrum, research indicates that dance and music can notably enhance motor skills, cognitive abilities, and social interaction.

💕 By nurturing an inclusive environment, everyone learns the values of empathy, compassion, and understanding. Join us in fostering a community where every child thrives.

Meet the Instructor

Lucía holds an M.Ed in Movement and Cognitive Rehabilitation Science from the University of Texas, where she focused on researching the benefits of dance for people of all abilities. She is trained in two methodologies: Psicoballet, created in La Habana, Cuba, and Ballet for all Kids, from Los Angeles, California. Both approaches aim to create environments that help people with all abilities improve their motor skills, learning abilities, and socio-emotional development.

At the age of 21, she founded a non-profit organization in Mexico called “Bailar con el Corazón” (which translates to “Dancing with the Heart”). The main objective of this organization is to rehabilitate children and adults with cognitive or intellectual disabilities through dance. One of the programs offered by the non-profit is a professional dance company called “Con el Corazón Co.,” which provides employment opportunities to artists of all abilities trained in contemporary and classical dance.

Currently, Lucía works as a teaching artist at the Houston Ballet and River Oaks Dance, while continuing to direct “Dancing with the Heart” with the aim of creating more opportunities for people with disabilities worldwide.

River Oaks Dance is excited to launch Everyone Can Dance: Ballet for All Abilities this May. Contact us for more information: info@riveroaksdance.com or 281.840.0372

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