Who Brightens My Day?

Ms. Ellen gave me a book for Christmas called “The 52 List Project” because she knows how much I love and need to make lists.  I love this book!  Is there something weird about getting joy from writing lists?  I’m on List 7:  List All The People Who Brighten Your Day.  This list was easy! Maybe it’s because we just finished an awesome week of Spring Break Camps, but number one on my list is our ballet students.  They always brighten my day.  I was just telling my husband that the kids are like therapy.  I wish I could invite sad or lonely people to just listen to our kids for ten minutes.  Anyone who teaches kids knows what I’m talking about.  They will make you laugh and fill your heart with so much sweetness that it feels like it’s over flowing .  Sometimes a little tear sneaks out when I’m listening to them talk to each other or tell a story.  Not because it’s sad, but because it’s so sweet or funny that I want to capture it in a bubble and give it to others.  Such kindness, such innocence.  I’m so fortunate to have a job where three hours goes by in a flash because the people you spend it with make every second bright!

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