Summer Inspiration

The summer months are a weird time for a dance teacher. We are generally people that like routine, schedule and being in control, but in the summer everything is just a little off. There are fewer classes and more free time. There are long periods of not seeing any students, except in the grocery store, and it makes you wonder: is there more I should be doing? We have completed four ballet and theatre camps and have one left starting in two weeks. We have had more students register for camps this summer than we ever have in the past. We have our largest group of students ever registered for this fall. I know it’s going to be a busy and exciting time starting in September. I will try to take these next few weeks and not worry about not being productive enough but instead relax, recharge and appreciate this time. And in October I will try to remember how it felt to not be teaching over 100 three to six year olds a week:)

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