imagination in dance class

Pretend Play in Dance Class

Dance with imagination!

We’re so happy to have the kids back in dance class! We’re ready for lots of learning and fun.

No ballet class would be complete without lots of pretend play! We infuse all of our lessons with pretend play! It’s how children learn. Pretend play is at the core of our early childhood dance curriculum and it runs through all of our classes. Our dancers explore new concepts, skills and the world they live in through movement and make-believe.

Why is Playful Dancing Important?

Simply put, play is fun. Play is also the most effective learning mode available to children! Play prepares young children for school and life. Enhancing creativity, teaching empathy and increasing vocabulary are just a few of the many benefits of dance . It just makes sense that teaching movement utilizing pretend play provides the best opportunities for young dancers to develop.

Encourage Playful Dancing

So, encourage your dancer! Continue to ask what they are pretending to be in dance class — join in and let it inspire your play at home. Get out the props they’ve brought home, put on some music and see what they come up with. Watch as they literally leap and learn while progressing in our education-based ballet program. Best of all, be happy that they are growing in a developmentally-appropriate, joyful way.

imaginative play
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