Let’s Do “The Twist”


I’ve spent half the day listening to 60s dance music and watching YouTube videos like this to get ideas for one of our recital dances to Splish Splash.  Now, technically Splish Splash was released by Bobby Darin in 1958, but 60s dance moves are just so much fun! The Twist, The Mashed Potato, The Swim, The Monkey, The Madison.  The kids love them all.  How many of today’s dance moves will stand the test of time?  Will we be doing The Wobble in 55 years?  I hope not! Ha! I just doing have the rhythm.  But The Jerk?  Watch out!

What I wouldn’t give to go back in time and be on American Bandstand or go school dances where we danced like that! One day, when we have a studio space of our own, I’m envisioning a 60s themed dance party.  But until then, pull up some 60s dance moves on YouTube and watch your kids laugh at those crazy teenagers doing The Twist.

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