“I love to watch you dance”

I love to watch you dance

I came across this article and I was so proud that we get to teach in an environment where the parents get it and are supportive of their daughter’s efforts.  No, they are not always perfect students – most of them are three or four years old.  And in a class of 10 students there are 10 different personalities.  But when I walk them out of class they so excited to see their parents and their parents are waiting with open arms and a smile.  I know the message they receive is one of love, care and nurture.  They get that their girls are still learning – learning ballet for sure, but also just learning to be part of a class.  Sometimes even I forget that.

As we approach the time for their recitals, I encourage you and I challenge myself to remind our girls that we just love to watch them dance.

photo credit: rita-monica.tumblr.com

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