Can Dance Make Your Child Smarter?

“A child sings before it speaks, dances almost before it walks. Music is in our hearts from the beginning.”Pamela BrownCan a dance class make you child smarter?  We live in a fast paced society where it seems like almost every minute of even a young child’s day is planned and geared toward academic success.  It’s important to remember that there are fun, interesting and creative ways to speak to a child’s mind – ways that might be exactly the way a specific child needs to learn a concept.  One of the purest ways a preschooler learns is through movement.  And that’s where dance comes in!

Researchers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of movement to a child’s development.  “Studies show that the skills learned through the arts demonstrate a positive effect both on children’s academic success, as well as on personal development. This is especially true for cognitive skills, motivation, and communication skills – all of which are significantly developed through instruction in the arts. Dance lessons can also help spark creativity and develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts.” (Megan Meyers)

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