Frequently Asked Questions

Do the students have a chance to perform?

Yes! Students have a chance to perform at the end of each semester. Parents are invited into the studio for a demonstration at the end of the fall semester in December. We also have a recital at the end of the spring semester – usually during the last two weeks of April or first two weeks of May – at the theater. Generally, the pre-primary and up classes and older participate in the recital at the theater and the younger class have an in-studio recital.

What are the recital fees?

The recital fees are set by class and only for the Spring semester. The younger classes that are performing in the studio incur less of a fee than the older classes at the theater. Recital fees range from $50-$200 depending on performance venue.

What does the recital fee cover?

The recital fee cover expenses related to putting on a show. These expenses can include theater rental, sound and lighting technician, security and extra staff on hand for shows, music licensing, printing programs, chair rental, etc.

Do we have to pay for costumes?

If your child’s class is performing in a costume, we will let you know the cost for their costumes. It’s usually around $95. We will take measurements and order a costume that they take home and keep after the show. If your child is in a hip-hop class, they may also be asked to purchase a pair of shoes so everyone matches for the show. Our youngest students perform in the studio for their spring recital and do not purchase a costume. 

Is there a dress code?

Yes, we have a dress code for our dance classes and you can view that here. Our dress code can easily be purchased in store or online. Having a dress code increases the sense of community among the students. It also eliminates distractions and allows the dancers to feel they are part of a group. Shopping in our boutique allows parents to support local small business and ensures you will get the right fit and be in the correct attire.

Do parents stay at the studio during classes?

We have drop-off and pickup for our studio classes. Small children may need their grown up to walk them in before leaving, but we want to encourage a sense of independence and ask parents to wait outside or run an errand during class. Of course you can feel free to pop in if you need to buy something from our shop or help your child change/use the restroom but our reception area is designed as an extension of our teaching space where we welcome our students, read story and prepare for the start of class. Our primary focus is the students and we reserve this space for them before and after class.

How will I know how my child is doing in class?

Please ask us if you have any questions about how your child is doing in class. You will also get to see the result of their hard work at the end-of-semester demonstration. If you would like to view the class, you can access our security camera through an app on your phone – just let us know if you need that information.

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